Scott Wright, Global Product Manager. FlightCentre Limited.

Neil was contracted by us last year to advise and help  the implementation of Flight Centres Global Online Booking Tools. Myself and everyone involved was extremely impressed with the ownership Neil took of the whole project. He demonstrated the rare skill of absolute attention to detail whist maintaining the big picture. He was able to maintain control of all aspects of the project.

This included our internal process to manage a roll out to our global network of some 60 countries and the communication strategy within the network. Also Neil’s involvement with the vendor at a technical level cut through a lot of IT vapour ware and smoke screen which ultimately saved us a lot of money. Implementation  came in on time on budget in the space of 4 months starting from a zero baseline of knowledge on our side.

We were extremely pleased with Neil’s performance and have since engaged him again for a major multi-million dollar evaluation project.

Scott Wright

Global Product Manager

Flight Centre Ltd