The e-Bridge is our flagship product, it is a low cost real time global distribution platform.  Already across 6 countries and 2 continents, the e-Bridge is one of the fastest growing travel distribution platforms.

Designed specifically and purpose built for the smallest operators in the tourism and travel industry, the e-Bridge is designed to get every company e-Commerce enabled and connected to a global network of website and travel agents for a fraction of the cost of other double digit commission percentage solutions.

What is the e-Bridge ?

The e-Bridge

The e-Bridge is a low cost travel distribution platform for the land content not easily supported by the traditional models.   Direct to inventory, the e-Bridge connects your website or Facebook booking engine directly to the reservation database in your office; so it gets the true availability and adds reservations immediately.


e-Bridge Cloud

e-Bridge Cloud is an online application loaded onto your website, providing you with a Reservation Management System (RMS), Online Booking Engine (OBE) and Facebook application for your Facebook Page.

What is the e-Bridge Cloud ?

e-Bridge Cloud is a secure low cost cloud hosted solution for the travel industry. It allows a booking engine to be placed on your website or Facebook and have it directly connected to a reservation database in your hosted solution for real time availability and adds reservations immediately after a booking is made.

e-Bridge Cloud