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The New e-Bridge Cloud for Hotel

e-Bridge Cloud Hotel

What is the e-Bridge Cloud?

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e-Bridge Cloud is a secure Cloud hosted solution which allows a booking engine to be directly connected to a reservation database in your office to access true availability and adds reservations immediately after a booking is made

Is there a demo I can try first?

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Yes, just click the following link.
Account: demo/demo
Download the free version of our cloud product.

How much does it cost?

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The e-Bridge Cloud cost starts from USD500 a year for the first 20 rooms and USD25 for every additional room. There are no transaction costs for e-Bridge Cloud, payment gateway charges are excluded. Fees and charges levied by online payment gateways are subject to agreement between gateway supplier and company involved the e-Bridge Cloud only facilitates the transaction.

Call us on +65 6747 0497 or email us sales@e-novate.asia

Is there a sign up or set-up fee?

  • There are no sign up fee. Upon successful registration, pay for the software license, download, install, configure and use. The e-Bridge Cloud is designed to be a Do It Yourself (DIY) solution. If you require assistance, we offer a one time installation service for USD 200, this excludes cost of hosting and SSL certificate

What are the features of e-Bridge Cloud?

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  • Advanced Calendar
  • Channel Management Agoda, Expedia, Booking.com
  • Facebook web app
  • Online booking engine web
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthy Rates
  • Agent, Member rates
  • Walk up wizard
  • Advanced Guest Profiles
  • Reporting
  • Housekeeping

How is my website hosted?

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e-Bridge Cloud is designed to be a Do It Yourself (DIY) solution. So the e-Bridge Cloud software will be installed onto your website. A valid domain name with secure website hosting (https) is required for the website to operate. If you have a website already, you would be able to link the booking engine which can be loaded onto your existing webpage and will work with most content management systems. If you have a Facebook page, the booking engine can be loaded onto your existing page as well.

I am not technical, is there a hosted version e-Bridge Cloud?

  • Yes, from an extra USD 400 per year we can setup and manage your system for you, so you only need to use it. Please contact sales@e-novate.asia for more information. This includes email support and all updates

Who collects the transaction payments?

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The payments are collected directly by either the travel agents or the suppliers (based on their agreements).

Can I collect credit card numbers directly?

  • It is always recommended to use a payment gateway to facilitate payment processing securely. For those companies that have “Card Not Present” functionality on their point of sale machine, e-Bridge Cloud can be configured to accept credit card numbers. The e-Bridge Cloud hosting webserver must be configured using a valid Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to secure the transaction. Credit card data is securely stored using RSA 2048/AES 256 bit encryption inside the RMS. As soon as the credit card authorisation is processed and enter in the RMS, the Credit Card details are permanently masked leaving only the detail required for reconciliation purposes.

Can I accept Cash on arrival?

  • It is always recommended to use a payment gateway to facilitate payment processing securely. For those companies that prefer to accept cash on arrival, the system can be configured to accept cash payments. It should be noted there are risks for false reservations that cannot be mitigated when choosing this option.

What payment gateways are currently accepted?

  • MOLPay, Dragon, PayPal, AsiaPay, Authorize.Net and more. More solutions available on request.

Is the e-Bridge Cloud secure ?

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The e-Bridge Cloud is very secure:

  • SSL certificates are required on the hosting website to protect customer data
  • Public Key Infrastructure ( PKI) via ACOS5 tokens to identify all suppliers and agents on our network to guarantee the sender and receiver.
  • Digitial Enveloping using the CryptLib library to secure all confidential data in transit. Only the intended receiver can open messages.
  • The e-Bridge stores no confidential data, private data is held by the customer or the vendor, the e-Bridge just provides a fast secure connection.
If you are interested in the e-Bridge Cloud please contact sales@e-novate.com.sg.


Signup for the e-Bridge Cloud for Hotel* to e-Commerce enable your Tourism and Travel operation now.

If you don’t have any CRS, RMS, MIS to manage your bookings, e-Bridge Cloud for Hotel now comes with a  FREE  OTA Hotel Management

* Signup requires valid business license and legal identity card of nominating party
** Prices vary by numbers of rooms
*** Prepayment of software license is required before activation
**** Valid only with first purchase of e-Bridge Cloud
Terms &  Conditions.
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1) Companies subscribing must be recognised legal entities with a nominated contact person. 2) e-Novate will not pay for registration of individual company domain names nor the cost of hosting for individual websites or web pages not part of the e-Bridge provided template websites hosted on e-Bridge servers. 3) Ongoing subscriptions are subject to prepayment of fix charge transactions credits, minimum credit levels are determined by company subscription type, rating and size. Details available on request or see www.e-bridgedirect.com FAQs. 4) Companies with more than one service can subscribe to multiple types for concurrent usage. 5) e-Novate links to Paypal (TM), AsiaPay (TM), Authorize.net for real time payment validation, other payment gateways can be added on request but all costs associated for individual gateways are borne by the Subscriber. 6) Free period of usage begins from date of first sign-on to e-Bridge. Free period is only valid with purchase of credits. 7) Eligibility for Free Artwork requires pre-payment of credits for first subscription. 8) Free template website is only valid with active subscription.