e-Bridge API

The e-Bridge provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for software developers that already have an inventory or booking  management software product for the tourism and travel industry and are a looking to expand their offering to online.

The e-Bridge API provide a simplified method of generating the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) XML messages used by the e-Bridge. The API is fully documented (English only) and comes with multiple working samples that can be demonstrated in operation when using the opensource product for the module selected.

The API also provides a simplified interface for the connection to the e-Bridge client, and more importantly the receiving of OTA messages transmitted to the e-Bridge client from the customer and re-sellers connected to the e-Bridge.

Our API is platform independent being tested on Windows XP, Windows 7, Unbuntu Linux 10.04 to 11.10 and Mac OS X.

Currently supported

  • PHP (encoded libraries)
  • Java – Hotel, Tour,  Traveler profile

Soon to be released

  • Java – Insurance, Golf, Vehicle, Dynamic Packaging
  • C/C++

Included in our API are standardised messages used by the OTA translated into.

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese


Additional language support will be added soon.


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If you are are a software developer or if your business already uses an inventory or booking management system, but you don’t have the expertise to integrate yourself, don’t worry, our friendly team will be happy to assist. We can directly work with you or your current software provider connect your software to the e-Bridge.


Value add for OEM Software Providers


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e-Novate is committed to developing the Tourism and Travel industry in the field of technology. As part of this philosophy we develop basic open source software to introduce operators to online technology and it’s benefits.

But, like all opensource software, it can only take you so far without additional development for specific markets. Many small operators are not at the size to afford commercially developed software so opensource or free software is their only alternative, but this leaves them with limited migration paths as their businesses grow.

This is where working with local software providers to the tourism and travel industry is critical to the improvement of all.

By integrating the e-Bridge with OEM produced software, e-Novate can help increase the market penetration of software providers and also provide a migration path for tourism and travel operators to commercially developed and professionally supported software.

To further cover the costs of  integration, e-Novate is also developing an incentive program for already integrated software providers who sign up operators with the e-Bridge.

If you have software you are currently using and would like to integrate with the e-Bridge or are an OEM software provider looking to expand their market, please contact sales@e-novate.com.sg.

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