Client Software

The e-Bridge Client

The e-Bridge is designed with small companies in mind. For small operators it is just too expensive and difficult in many cases to get online connectivity with customers.

e-Novate has simplified the process of getting your content online via the e-Bridge through one simple application,  the e-Bridge client.

In order get your inventory online, a connection to the e-Bridge is required, so a client must be installed.  The e-Bridge client maintains the connection to the e-Bridge server via an outbound connection, just like MSN ® or Skype ®, so there is no need to put in special networking hardware. When the software is installed, just enable outbound connections through your firewall software.

Every message that you send or receive will pass through the e-Bridge,  the e-Bridge client transparently handles the sending and receiving of the messages, consolidation of results, verification of sender/receiver and encryption/decryption of data requiring security in transit.

Installed on the same computer as your inventory management software, the e-Bridge client is a light weight low bandwidth application.


Cryptomate PKI Token from ACS


As the e-Bridge can be used to transmit private and confidential information, we need to ensure that validity of the vendors receiving the information, giving customers confidence that their information is safe. As such we verify every company that connects to the e-Bridge as a supplier and issue a identification and security device for use with the e-Bridge client software.

The e-Bridge client software uses the ACS ACOS5 security token, while it looks just like a normal USB thumb drive it is actually a key tool in securing your data.

With the added protection of the USB security token, you can be safe in the knowledge that your messages are safe and no other company can copy your customer private data in transit.


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