Free Website / OBE

Subscription to the e-Bridge comes with many benefits, but most importantly is the e-Commerce enabl

Free Online Booking Engine for your website

  • SSL/HTTPS secured
  • Connected directly to your inventory via the e-Bridge
  • Connected to Paypal, Asiapay and more
  • Direct payment into your account – no waiting
  • Direct reservation into your reservation system
  • Low fixed transaction fee charged only on confirmed booking
  • Embedded directly into your website

Free Website for Hotel & Tour Operators

  • Choice of layouts
  • Choice of colour schemes for theme
  • Add own logo, banner
  • Contact page linked to Google (TM) maps
  • Gallery pages for hotel loaded directly from your PMS
  • Excursion images for tours loaded directly from your CRS

See the links for the live demo of free website with online booking engine