Hotel Website Templates

If you are not a web site expert and a CMS seems frightening to you, let us take care of the pain for you with one of our simple, easy to use websites with e-Commerce ready online booking engine ready to go.

The e-Bridge comes with a number of ready made, instantly available hotel website templates and themes that can be used. The website layouts and schemes are based upon the most popular styles and layouts of common hotel websites and are made available for free to e-Bridge subscribers.

There are 2 separate template layouts and 6 colour scheme themes available to choose from.

Each colour scheme has 2 variations, a solid background or a simple image in line with the theme.

When you sign on for the e-Bridge you can choose the layout and theme.  If you don’t wish to use the website, just the direct to inventory online booking engine, then you can simply choose the solid theme closest to your website colours.

If you have something that does not match what we already have, please contact us, and we see if it is possible to add it to our list for you.

The following are samples in Layout 1 for each of the themes: