The e-Novate e-Agent web software is designed to operate standalone or with the TravCom CS ™ mid and back office software. It is used for recording and tracking the non-GDS (Global Distribution System) bookings that would otherwise be manually entered into invoices.

The e-Novate e-Agent web software provides a simple web based interface that enables Travel Agencies to manage their workflow with Exchange Orders.  The e-Novate e-Agent web software can read its own configuration or can read directly from the TravCom ™ Database** to access Vendor, Client, Product and Currency rates. It uses the TravCom ™ 3rd Party Interface format to submit Exchange Order details in to the TravCom CS/Clientmajic ™ Sales Interface which can then be invoiced independently or merged into other invoices generated from the GDS submitted records or other sources.





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