Reservation Solutions

e-Novate is proud to contribute to the opensource community by releasing free to use, reservation solutions for Hotel, Tour, Golf and Vehicle rentals.

Available as basic ready to use solutions, our products use industry standard LAMP and WAMP environments. For a little more, standalone versions with reporting and advance features are available for yearly licensing and support.
All of our solutions are e-Commerce ready, so you can sign up for the e-Bridge and take your business online immediately.

Over 42,000 downloads of our projects and still counting

As part of our development for our e-Bridge product, we need to develop booking and reservation engines for testing each market segment.

To help make our e-Bridge product better we release the our booking and reservation engines as free to use products opensource projects.

These projects not only help use create a better e-Bridge product, but also help SME tourism and travel operators enter into the online market.

Taking the leap in acquiring professionally developed systems can be a very expensive for the smaller players, so we create our products with you in mind.  Our strategy is to help you get the most out of your business, and then migrate to professionally developed (OEM) software when you have more experience in online systems your business outgrows our opensource project. At which time we will be able to point you to one of our e-Bridge ready OEM partners that can be there to support and grow with you while maintaining your online e-Bridge presence.

In using these free products and providing feedback we can provide even better functionality for the tourism and travel industry.

All feedback on these projects is greatly appreciated as is any community donations that will help us maintain and improve these products.


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