Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports fall into 2 categories, new reports and amendments.

All reports and quotes are generated based upon information supplied by customer.

  • Sample layout of report
  • Definition of all fields – including formulaes for calculation if required
  • Sample input data including combinations of transactions

New Reports :  Start from USD 200 for basic reports with not more than 2 sub reports, this includes the full specification of the report. More complex reports will be quoted based upon the specification.

Amendments:  Start at USD 150 for amendments not exceeding 1 sub report, this includes the full specification of the report.  More complex amendments will be quoted based upon specification.

All reports are delivered with a 30 day warranty with a maximum warranty period of 60 days, bugs lodged after 30 days are considered amendments.

Any requests that deviate from original specification are also considered amendments and subject to charge.

Download the request form to assist you with specifying your report.

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