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e-Novate ASP (Asia Software Portal)

Remotely Hosted OTA Hotel, OTA Tour, OTA Golf, OTA Vehicle, OTA Merchandise, e-Agent .

Setting up a computer room is an expensive proposition.

The biggest hurdle for migrating to online is about to become an issue of the past.  Many tourism suppliers are completely dependent on their current front office and reservation solution provider for their IT hardware and software making the cost of change too high.

The cost of a server, backup media, server rack, UPS protected power the software, system licenses (not even the application) as well as the expertise  often eclipse the benefits of having a GDS independent mid and back office. All of this assuming that you even have the space to setup a dedicated area in your office for a server or another computer.

The OTA travel suite as a Hosted Application.

You buy the license, we house the software and provide the server . You just use your office PC and internet connection to log in.

How it works

The OTA software and database are installed on the e-Novate server that is located in a co-located server room in Singapore.

Use any browser to connect securely via SSL to our hosted software. You simply work as you normally would linking directly to your own drives, email client (Outlook/Outlook express) just as you would if the server was located in your office.


e-Novate Asia Service Portal

From your home or your home office

What do I need to do?

You simply buy a OTA software license and we do the rest,  then you simply pay annually for you connections.